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Introducing Leerburg Online University - Part 1

Posted: 08-14-2014 • Length: 4 Minutes
Categories: Misc
Watch this short video as Ed Frawley explains the concept of online dog training and how it works. Leerburg Online University was launched back in February of 2014, and the system that Leerburg has developed for online dog training is going to revolutionize the way we look at training the trainer. Our original plan was to develop online dog training as a bridge between a DVD and a training classes or seminar, but what we have learned over the past 6 months has changed the way we are looking at online training. The system we have developed has allowed us to give students personal interaction with instructors, as well as hands-on instruction and personal feedback through the student video uploading feature. Allowing immediate and personal access to world-class dog trainers changes the way we learn and the way we train our dogs.

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5/5 stars

Yes, I wholeheartedly agree w/ Ed here. I have a 15 mo. old Am Staff. & have been through several different classes @ 3 different "Trainers." She is very PLAY oriented. She has attention issues with other dogs around and just wants to play, which for her breed is a GOOD thing. BUT! I have found in the chaotic setting of a public class, this issue is NOT being addressed. it is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to teach any dog in such surroundings... Sensory OVERLOAD & you end up NAGGING your dog to tears!!!! I attended a class as an auditor & found I learned SO much when I wasn't trying to get & keep my dog's attention in the chaos of a class full of barking unruly dogs w/ inexperienced owners. I am seriously considering one of Leerburg's online courses for these reasons.