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Ed Frawley Uses TENS Unit on Himself

Posted: 10-09-2014 • Length: 1 Minute, 25 Seconds
Categories: Corrections, E-collars, Leerburg Training Videos
Educator collars work exactly like a physical therapists TENS Unit. When therapists glues TENS pads on your body and then sends a current through the pads the current causes the muscles to contract. How much they contract depends on the level of current. Anyone who has had an injury and gone to a rehab therapy knows what this is. When it's done correctly it doesn't hurt at all, it just feels a little weird or strange.

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As a physiotherapist this demonstration is a poor comparison. Yes it gives a little shock, but when you put it on a neck 100% of clients ask for it to be turned way down or not to do the neck. There are more nerves etc. If you shock your arm with an ecollar, and then your neck on the same stim number it will feel much stronger on the neck. Also, even on a lower back, all of my patients are different. So these types of videos really seem misleading. I am not against e collar use with education for rare instances of danger avoidance, such as snake training or street training, etc. but again only with proper conditioning and knowledge.