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Wait Vs. Stay Command with Michael Ellis

Posted: 11-06-2014 • Length: 4 Minutes, 46 Seconds
Categories: Advanced Obedience, Management, Michael Ellis
Michael Ellis answers a question from a student on the difference between the wait command and the stay command. He explains that there are subtle differences, but that they are basically the same thing.

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5/5 stars

These short videos are great. They remind me to be consistent in my day to day training. They sharpen my skills and freshen my memory. I would so like to attend one of Michael's classes. Shame I live so far away.

5/5 stars

I have been saying this for years... stay means stay there till I tell you to move, wait means stay there till I tell you to move...

5/5 stars

Thanks Michael for all your short informative videos! Keep them coming.

Kind regards, Arthur

5/5 stars

Thanks for this clarification of wait vs stay. My husband & I have been having this debate re: our 7 mo old standard schnauzer. I also appreciated Michael's reminder about watching the behavior doesn't get sloppy! So easy to get lax. Always we are teaching them something....

5/5 stars

As always Michael talks such common sense. Certainly makes me reflect on how I do things and how I could do them better. Thank you!