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Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted: 11-25-2014 • Length: 1 Minute, 6 Seconds
Categories: Misc

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5/5 stars | 15 ratings

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5/5 stars

High quality production - nice!

5/5 stars

Love this! Thanks & Happy Thanksgiving to ya'll as well!

5/5 stars

Cool video. Question that's real wine? Happy thanksgiving guys

5/5 stars

Very funny, nice job.

4/5 stars

Pretty cute video... even though I wouldn't give my dog anything that was on the plate. :( My girl is allergic to turkey. Doesn't get potatoes.. or grain. But, she'll be "Happy" on her "Turkey Day". Instead of gobble, gobble, ..she'll be having "Peter Rabbit".. and veggies for dinner. Happy Thanksgiving.. Leerburg Gang!!!.

5/5 stars

Very clever! Is it really ok for dogs to have turkey bones?

5/5 stars

Love the video :)
Happy Thanksgiving to you all :) :)

5/5 stars

Thanks for the smile.The video was wonderful. Have a happy thanksgiving too. LennyS

5/5 stars

Nice job, you had me with the wine.

5/5 stars

We at AK9Connection also wish you all Happy Thanksgiving too.

5/5 stars

Hilarious laughing out loud Thanksgiving video. Thanks. I can't wait to show my wife.

5/5 stars

My dog is a mean drunk. I'll save the wine for me.

5/5 stars

The video is amazing! Hope you all at Leerburg have a wonderful holiday season! Thanks so much!

5/5 stars

What a fun and creative video for all of us dog lovers! Thank you!

5/5 stars

Loved the video! My favorite is that your dog waited to take the drumstick until the end- even drinking the beverage properly first! Great training job. Now if I could just get my silly Lab pup to do just a portion of this...