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Problem Solving and Proofing Heeling

Posted: 12-22-2014 • Length: 3 Minutes, 6 Seconds
Categories: Forrest Micke
This is a clip pulled from the Heeler's Toolbox 3 class discussing the use of incompatible behaviors to rehabilitate common heeling problems. 'Crabbing' and 'heeling wide' (too much space between dog and handler) are symptoms of improper teaching in the heeling process. By using outside reward placement, right drifting footwork, and left turns, we can teach the dog to keep their bodies both straight and close while also teaching them not to lean across the handler during heeling. It’s a great way to rehabilitate a dog that tends to 'crab'; a dog that leaves to much space between them and the handler; or to proof rear-end awareness of our dogs that already have a strong understanding of proper position.

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5/5 stars

In this video you can see why we chose to partner with Forrest Micke in our on-line training. Forrest is an excellent teacher. He brakes down the exercises and explains why he did it the way he does in a manner that non-dog owners and beginners can understand.

Ed Frawley