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Selecting Motivators

Posted: 01-08-2015 • Length: 1 Minute, 59 Seconds
Categories: Michael Ellis
Both food and toy play can be used as tools to motivate your dog. Although they are different, they both have their place in our training program. In this short video, Michael Ellis will discuss why we would use one over the other for a specific situation.

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5/5 stars

With Turk, he enjoys Praise, Food... and Toys... Food 1s obviously... But with him, we can get him to train just for praise, he seems to become proud when he gets it right. We also found he will play, if we can turn it into a game he love playing. So for us it seems Food is always a great way to get him started in training, but when he is not hungry we can switch to praise or play and he will train a little more. I found the Scent games worked well to get him to engage more.