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Keeping Heeling Novel with Forrest Micke

Posted: 01-21-2015 • Length: 4 Minutes, 39 Seconds
Categories: Forrest Micke
Keeping heeling novel, challenging, and exciting allows us to create a greater love for the activity itself. We can then rely less on forms of primary reinforcement to gain and maintain the motivation we want for the activity. If we continue to challenge our dogs through different experiences, they will develop a true desire to learn. That desire allows us to overcome obstacles within our heeling work. By making these novel experiences rewarding to the dog, the heeling experience becomes richer, the work becomes cleaner, and the relationship between dog and handler becomes deeper.

This video is just one of many things that will be expanded on throughout Forrest Micke's Advanced Heeling online course. If you are interested in learning more, the next class starts Monday, January 26th. Read more information on what will be covered in this course.

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4/5 stars

Beautiful work,i just am skeptical of this working SO well w/ a breed other than the "usual" up & EAGER working breed,,,IE:sight hound,Northern breed & the Big one,,,Terriers. just curious i am sure an accomplished Pro like Forrest may achieve this,,,but the average Handler/owner may find this extremely challenging just my thoughts as i watch this gorgeous work.

5/5 stars

I LOVE El's Piaffe, Forrest! Lookin' good :-)

1/5 stars

This looks like circus tricks not proper heeling.

5/5 stars

A great picture to strive for!!!

4/5 stars

I almost cut it off watching the intro because the trainer is over the top as he performs like a motivational speaker. But seeing him talk through the routine with the dog, it's clear this guy is a very serious and effective trainer. To me, it does not have much applicability to an average dog owner, but it shows what can be achieved if you know how. And basic commands can be learned so thoroughly and reliably that your dog could be nearly faultless on recall, down, quiet, crate, etc.

5/5 stars

Nice work Forrest! Looks like you two displaying a graceful dance, good job!