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Michael Ellis Lecture -- Part Five

Posted: 01-01-2008 • Length: 8 Minutes, 46 Seconds
Categories: Basic Obedience, Michael Ellis
It's one thing to train dogs and quite another to train people how to train dogs. In 2009, Michael Ellis started to collaborate with Leerburg to make videos for dog training. He is one of the best sport dog trainer and instructor in the world. This video has 7 parts featuring Ellis giving a lecture.

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5/5 stars

I am training my dog to be a service dog. I have trained two prior. This dog has been the most challenging and I am a lot older and have not done this in 10 years. Patients are a challenge for me so I find your videos amazingly helpful. How much time off play should I give her? Is it ok to allow playdates? I did notice after her play date she had trouble getting back to focus.