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Mark Keating Introducing "Stay" with Touch Pads

Posted: 02-09-2015 • Length: 2 Minutes, 44 Seconds
Categories: Mark Keating, Puppies
Leerburg recently released a short, free video with Mark Keating explaining how we introduce touch pads to our young dogs. In this follow up video, Mark will explain how we use the touch pad as a foundation to our "stay" command. The beginning of the stay is only one application where touch pads are used throughout our training system. Later, we will use them for everything from heeling, send aways, retrieves, rear end awareness, pivoting, and countless other more advanced obedience behaviors.

Sonny, the yellow lab puppy in this video, was only 12 weeks old when we filmed this clip. You can see how touch pads have allowed us to begin teaching a stay at a very young age.

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5/5 stars

I just love these ideas they make it very black and white for the dog. It makes it fun for the trainer. The training advice given on this site are just improving all the time and I am really delighted to see positive methods being used. Please keep up the great work.

5/5 stars

Great information and video! I'm looking forward to your training video.

I'd like to suggest that you use a sound engineer or experienced amateur for recording your DVDs. In particular, several DVDs with Michael Ellis have been muffled and it's difficult to understand him.

Best regards,
Jan Matuseski

5/5 stars

Easy, uncomplicated way to teach a pup to stay! Thank you