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Spring Imperfect Leather Sale

Posted: 04-10-2015 • Length: 2 Minutes, 33 Seconds
Categories: Misc
All of our leather products here at Leerburg are handmade. As with any handmade item, from time to time there are imperfections that do not meet our standards or pass our quality control measures. These items are normally returned to our Amish harness makers to fix or sold in our annual garage sale, depending on the defect and whether or not it can be fixed.

Recently, however, we recently had an issue with a few of the hides that should never have been used in the first place. Unfortunately, there was a mistake made in the tanning process that caused the back side of the leather to be very rough. Upon inspection of the leashes, we realized that they did not meet our standards and could not be sold at full price.

With no way to fix these leashes and 6 months until our annual garage sale, we decided to sell them for 30-75% off retail value. We took all of the products that would have gone into the garage sale and added these new rough leashes to create a spring leather sale.

All of the leashes, harnesses, and collars in this sale have some type of aesthetic defect, but they are still fully functioning products. Defects include crooked stitching, rivets not being centered, tarnish on the hardware, and rough leather. The type of defect is listed next to each product. The link below will bring you to a page of pictures of each type of defect.

Imperfect Leather Sale Purchase Page

Imperfect Leather Sale Images

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