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Obedience Training for the Small Dog

Posted: 06-25-2015 • Length: 1 Minute 58 Seconds
Categories: Leerburg Online University
This course is not intended to be an all-encompassing course on training a dog from start to finish, but more so a course on how to address many of the issues that we run into that seem to be more specific to smaller sized dogs.

Throughout the course, I will refer to many of these dogs as small. The thing that is important to keep in mind, is that I am referring to the dogs physical size ONLY! I am not referring to the somewhat pervasive tendency to categorize smaller sized dogs as being less intelligent, less willing to work or learn, or less in general. This "small dog" mentality is something that I want to help change with this course, and I will continue to try and change as many minds as possible when it comes to how we interact, live with, and train these little beasts!

We're going to get into a lot of fun and important information in this course, so strap in and bring your tiny terror along for the ride!

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