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The Power of Training Dogs with Food with Michael Ellis

Posted: 07-20-2009 • Length: 7 Minutes, 12 Seconds
Categories: Basic Obedience, Michael Ellis
This is the first DVD in the Building Drive and Focus Series with Michael Ellis. The foundation of Michael's system lies in marker training. The power of Michael's system lies in how markers are applied and then balanced with corrections to establish reliability. The beauty of this system is that it establishes a method of communication with our dogs that is built on positive reinforcement. It is a communication system that is "black and white" to our dogs. This work builds a non-confrontational relationship with a dog. Because it is non-confrontational and based on positive reinforcement it is perfect for 8 week old puppies or 5 year old dominant and aggressive dogs. It is the perfect system to build or repair a relationship with a dog.

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