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DIY Dehydrated Dog Treats

Posted: 08-31-2015 • Length: 3 Minutes, 54 Seconds
Categories: Misc
In this video, Cindy makes dehydrated dog treats out of simple ingredients. These treats are based on a raw diet, but are more practical to carry around for training sessions.

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4/5 stars

i can only find pumpkin seed powder is that what your using? i have DE. would like to know specifically the measurements to make this. thank yo

5/5 stars

I also find this way of preparing sound and practical treats very useful, but like other people I missed more specific infos about the proportional amounts within that mixture.
As well I have no idea what diatonateous earth is. But probably I will not get it anyway here in Brazil, also no pumpkin powder. Is it possible to use fresh, mashed pumpkins too?
But anyway thanks a lot for the great idea!

4/5 stars

I too would love to get the amounts of what the ingredients are as well as the amounts used for my dog treats.

What is diatonateous earth and where can I buy it? What is it good for?

4/5 stars

Very interesting but would like more specifics as to the amounts that were uesd

4/5 stars

Concise explanation of useful topic. Only criticism is that speaker appears to be reading from a script in a rather rote manner, which makes the presentation less compelling.

4/5 stars

I would be interested in more specific information as well. Thanks.

4/5 stars

It was a very good presentation, but, from a practical point of view, I need more information about amounts. It looked like 2 tablespoons of diatonateous earth and 2 of pumpkin powder with a roll of the meat - one pound? We have never fed our dogs diatonateous earth but I have it. What is it good for?
We mix a lot of vegetables with our meats. This roll seemed to be meat only.
Could regular pumpkin from a can work?