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Heeling Tips with Forrest Micke

Posted: 09-28-2015 • Length: 2 Minutes, 51 Seconds
Categories: Forrest Micke
In this video, Forrest Micke gives you a couple heeling tips that could help you insert a little extra fun into your heeling program, as well as give you some solutions to dogs that are a little more lazy with their back end of heeling.

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5/5 stars

This was awesome. I want more videos by Forrest Micke!

5/5 stars

Absolutely fabulous exercises! Bye, I've got to try out NOW!

5/5 stars

Another great video from Forrest! I previously taught the reverse circle to my dog, using it only when asking for offered behaviors during warm-ups; however, I never considered pairing it with about turns. After viewing this video, I began experimenting with this, and it is working beautifully. Thanks so much, Forrest, for sharing these tips with us, and please keep them coming.

3/5 stars

I would be interested to know whether this particular dog was trained with a lure or with leash pressure as I wonder if it would make a difference to the finished product.

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