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New Online Course - Leash Reactivity

Posted: 10-02-2015 • Length: 2 Minutes, 20 Seconds
Categories: Leerburg Online University
Leerburg's new instructor, Tyler Muto, gives you a quick introduction to his new interactive course, Leash Reactivity. This course deals specifically with dogs who get highly reactive when on-leash when they encounter other dogs or people on their daily walk. You can now enroll for this class on the Leerburg Online University for only $349! Classes start Monday, November 2! Click here to enroll now!

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5/5 stars

Looks and sounds like a very informative course. Reactivity is something that I see everyday, and it would be great to have the right information to help my fellow dog walking community with their reactive dogs. A healthier dog = a happier owner and a peaceful community. :-)

5/5 stars

I have worked with Tyler and his reactivity protocal is amazing - looking forward to this!

5/5 stars

Looking forward to this course. I rescue and work with a lot of Pit-Bulls. I have one that is very reactive. This makes me excited to think I can train him even more and find him the forever home he deserves.