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Maintaining Classical Conditioning with Michael Ellis

Posted: 01-04-2016 • Length: 4 Minutes, 49 Seconds
Categories: Michael Ellis
Without maintenance, classical conditioning will eventually fade away. In this short video, Michael Ellis explains how to maintain your classically conditioned markers. This video is taken directly from Leerburg's online course, The Principles of Dog Training I.

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5/5 stars

You talk about using a bit of your battery charge when you "make the sound" and don't follow it with the primary reward. So, if you're using "yes" as your marker, don't you end up discharging your battery a little more because "yes" is a common response in your day to day life? The use of "yes" + reward is not as high as "yes" and no reward, just because it's a common word/response. Just curious. (And I'm a big fan of marker training, I just happen to use a clicker).