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Power Steering Your Dog

Posted: 02-08-2016 • Length: 8 Minutes, 34 Seconds
Categories: Leerburg Online University
Do you struggle every time you take your dog for a walk? Do you want to teach your dog how to politely walk down the street and ignore distractions? Next week, February 15, Leerburg will be launching Loose Leash Walking with Tyler Muto as a self-study course through Leerburg Online University. The information taught in this course is going to be life-changing for those of you who struggle to take your dog for a simple walk around the block. The ability to be able to take your dog for a walk without being pulled down the street is one of the most important things, that with the right information, any dog-owner can easily train.

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5/5 stars

Liked that there was minimal correction and great results. Liked that the explanations were simple and easy to understand. I've been training for a long time and this helped me...

4/5 stars

Nice clip on the proper use of the pinch collar.

5/5 stars

Thanks again for posting another really nice video. I get the promotional aspect of this but even if someone never purchases the course there's really a lot of quality stuff Information that you're providing.