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Snake Proofing with JJ Belcher and Sublime Canine

Posted: 02-19-2016 • Length: 4 Minutes, 26 Seconds
Categories: E-collars
JJ Belcher at Sublime Canine has been training dogs for over 17 years and teaching rattlesnake avoidance for 10 years in Tuscon as well as many other places. It's important to know how to avoid rattlesnakes, being their venom is designed to kill small animals.

Watch as JJ trains with multiple dogs and his rattlesnake, using the electric collar as a signal to the dog to keep away from the snake. This training exercise is important to know if you live in an area with rattlesnakes.

JJ is Leerburg Online University's newest instructor. We are going to be producing an online flyball course with JJ. Look for that course coming soon!

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5/5 stars

I'm in the Denver area and am taking my pup through avoidance training at Cabela's in May. We live next to a 400+ acre dog park that has a problem with rattler's as summer goes on. I've only seen one snake in several trips around the park, but with an 8-month-old GSD in the "OMG EVERYTHING IS SOOO EXCITING" phase coupled with the "Mom, I've forgotten EVERYTHING you've ever taught me cause... hormones" phase that can be a problem. We're working on moving to Tucson within the next year or so - I didn't realize there were that many snakes in the area. When I first learned that this was a class offered I signed up right away. Different group, but same concept -- this is something all dogs in areas with snakes should take.

5/5 stars

Fascinating training. Very effective and specific with next to no superstitious behaviours. I've seen a few dogs rechecked after a year and they wanted nothing to do with the snake. Also talked to some owners who said they were warned about snakes they didn't notice by their dog's reaction.