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Live Chat with Tyler Muto

Posted: 04-07-2016 • Length: 1 Hour, 36 Minutes, 56 Seconds
Categories: Leerburg Online University, Tyler Muto
Jeff Frawley sat down with our online instructor, Tyler Muto, to ask him your questions! This live chat took place Wednesday, April 6. Tyler also discusses his new course, Obedience Foundations, that is now open for signup!

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5/5 stars

I have followed Tyler for a couple of years, along with 3 other top level rehabilitators. I am delighted to learn that Leerburg has partnered with Tyler. I have admired the Frawleys for several years and bought gear and training materials. There is so much solid, readable, and applicable written and recorded media available for FREE at Leerburg that I tell anyone who ask me about dog rescue and handling to " Go first to LEERBURG.COM ". Tyler Muto is not so far from the attitude of all the Frawleys in his respect for dogs and dedication to explaining what a dog needs... not pandering to an audience.