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Holding and Delivering Food Rewards

Posted: 05-23-2016 • Length: 4 Minutes, 48 Seconds
Categories: Food, Leerburg Online University, Michael Ellis

This video is taken directly form Michael Ellis' online course, The Principles of Dog Training. In this video, Michael explains the proper ways to hold and deliver food. He will cover how and why we use this method to deliver food, as well as a few common mistakes people make and what effects those can have on your training.

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5/5 stars

My 12 month old German Shepherd, who is mouthy, is more inclined to take my whole hand in her mouth, rather than trying to push into my hand to get the food. Thanks to Michael for covering this in such detail. Right now we're just practicing her taking the food without engulfing my hand. Wish me luck!!

5/5 stars

I love this technique and it really works well!!! Thank you!

5/5 stars

I just started training my highly food motivated labrador retriever and she's one of those who you offer the finger and she grabs the whole hand! This has been extremely helpful and significantly more gentle on my hands. Thank you!

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