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Passive Tug Techniques with Mark Keating - Leerburg TV

Posted: 02-06-2017 • Length: 5 Minutes, 19 Seconds
Categories: Basic Obedience, Leerburg Training Videos, Play
Mark Keating discusses a slightly outside of the box play technique for trainers preparing for biting sports. During suit work, there comes a time when your dog may have to bite a passive subject. This can be difficult for a dog who has never seen that picture. There are also times when the dog must fight through the decoy when he or she takes all motion out of the work. In this short video, Mark will explain how he conditions his young puppy to work through this on a tug, rather than wait until the dog is full grown and working on a suit.

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3/5 stars

This seems to be in direct opposition to the Michael Ellis method..... would be very interested in hearing more. If a dog has been trained in the Micheal Ellis manner, where making the prey 'dead' is how to get the out, how do you transiiton to this so you don't have a problem when the decoy is passive?

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