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Assisted Shaping vs Free Shaping

Posted: 10-09-2017 • Length: 3 Minutes, 54 Seconds
Categories: Basic Obedience, Leerburg Online University, Leerburg Training Videos
Watch Michael Ellis discuss the pros and cons of assisted shaping, or luring, and free shaping. Both techniques offer different benefits, but Michael prefers to utilize luring in most situations. Luring allows the trainer to easily manipulate the dog into the perfect position. It also requires additional steps to fade that lure out, but Michael feels that those additional steps are made up for by the ease and speed with which you can train the initial behavior. Luring allows for precise work and a clear understanding of expectations. That being said, there is definitely a place for free shaping, especially when developing a thoughtful dog who plays an active role in the training process. This video is a part of Michael Ellis’ online course, The Principles of Dog Training. It is also featured in Jeff Frawley's course, An Introduction to Dog Training.

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5/5 stars

Michael Ellis has always been top shelf in his explanations of the how and why of dog training.

5/5 stars

This is a great discussion - I asked Michael this very question while at his school in CA.

5/5 stars

Really great explanation Michael!

5/5 stars

Micheal Ellis brings practical common sense to dog training! As always he is able to explain things in a clear manner!