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Free Shaped Focused Heeling with Anneliese Johnson

Posted: 02-19-2018 • Length: 3 Minutes, 38 Seconds
Categories: Training with Food, Working/Sport Dog Training
Free Shaping is a technique used in dog training which has been also used by many of the marine mammal and exotic animal trainers. With no direction from the trainer, the dog is required to actively problem solve in order to access a reward. Many trainers use a clicker for free shaping behaviors for more precise timing. Dolphin trainers often use a high frequency whistle instead of a clicker. In this video, Anneliese is working with Knox, a 4 month old puppy, on focused heeling, which she has been free shaping during his stay. Knox is a client’s dog here for an extended sport dog foundation training retreat.

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Wonderful attention.