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Training Whiskey - Introduction to the Treadmill

Posted: 03-16-2018 • Length: 4 Minutes, 41 Seconds
Categories: Healthcare and Feeding, Leerburg Training Videos, Rescue Dogs
Many behavioral issues in dogs are directly related to how much mental and physical exercise they are getting on a daily basis. Dogs who aren’t given proper outlets for their energy will often find their own, less than ideal, outlets. Similarly, dogs who do not get proper amounts of physical activity incorporated in their daily lives can often become overweight and are more prone to health issues. While treadmills are not meant to be the sole source of your dogs physical activity, they are an excellent option to burn some of that excess energy and help manage your dogs weight. This video shows how to properly introduce your dog to a treadmill and some of the details to pay attention to when incorporating a treadmill into your dogs fitness routine.

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5/5 stars

I really enjoy this video. Excellent job. It's very important to go slowly especially if the dog is spooked by the motion of the treadmill. Baby steps work best and eventually they will get it. I noted that you did not mention your use of food as a motivator but you clearly pulled something out of your pocket which Whiskey appear to eat LOL. I also use my highest level "jackpot" treats when first working the treadmill.