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Michael Ellis Working His New Puppy, Zink

Posted: 10-12-2018 • Length: 2 Minutes, 57 Seconds
Categories: Michael Ellis
This video is a training session with Michael Ellis working with his new puppy, Zink. We filmed the video while Cindy and our Video Production Editor, Macey, were at Michael's School in CA producing our new scent work training course and DVD, which will be out soon.

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5/5 stars

Amazing how he does it. I wish I was so good like that. Great work! Beautiful puppy <3

5/5 stars

Seen a lot of dog trainers in my years, but I honestly have to say that Mike Ellis to me is one of the best dog trainers in the world. Mike is a calm and just a natural gifted dog trainer. Mike to me is a genuine " dog whisperer", thanks for sharing some of your videos.

5/5 stars

Good stuff

5/5 stars

I have all of Michael's DVDs, they are worth the investment in your training journey. These short clips of Michael with his new puppy are invaluable in reminding me of many critical things to do with my new puppy. Great stuff!

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