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Mark Keating and His African Pied Crow, Vorona

Posted: 10-23-2018 • Length: 23 Minutes, 10 Seconds
Categories: Mark Keating
Last week, we spent some time with Leerburg instructor, Mark Keating, and his new training project, a young African Pied Crow. Mark has been using clicker training with Vorona, and we really enjoyed getting to watch the process. If you are interested in marker training, we think you’ll get a kick out of this. To see all of Leerburg’s training videos with Mark Keating, CLICK HERE.

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5/5 stars

So my dad used to tell about his neighbor's pet crow (back in the 30's in the Ozarks). The husband would allow the dogs on the porch, but the wife would not. So the crow be on the porch and would whistle for the dogs and they would come because they couldn't tell it wasn't the man. Then it would imitate the wife and hollar, "Git, Git GIT!" and chase them back off the porch! It did this to the poor dogs regularly, but apparently not quite regularly enough that the dogs learned to just stay off that porch!

Love that you have a crow and are learning to train it. I guess all of us that love to train dogs enjoy learning about training other animals as well.

5/5 stars

Love watching Mark learn about his APC. They seem very much like working with a feral cat. Everything is on their agenda, forget yours. Can't wait for more video's!