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Intermediate Dog Obedience Trailer

Posted: 11-08-2018 • Length: 10 Minutes, 17 Seconds
Categories: Advanced Obedience, Basic Obedience, Leerburg Training Videos, Training with Food

Our Intermediate Dog Obedience DVD is the next level for trainers who have watched our Basic Dog Obedience DVD or have taken the online course. In Basic Dog Obedience, we covered the foundation for our reward-based training system. In this DVD, we use that information to teach a number of behaviors that that are used in daily life.

This DVD covers a wide range of skills sets that compliment the training covered in our Basic Dog Obedience course. These are everyday skills that make living with and handling our dogs easier. They are all trained in our reward based training system. We show how to split these exercises in small part training parts, how to train those parts, and then put them back together for the final skill.

We begin with segments on teaching the “Look and Hand Touch,” which are used almost every day to redirect our dog off of a distraction and get them back engaged with us. We then teach an exercise called the “collar grab”. This is where we show our dog that when we take their collar to move them around this is a good thing not a bad thing. Some dogs get nervous and/or aggressive if you grab their collar. You will also learn how to teach your dog to go to its dog bed when the door bell rings, friends come over, or when you just want them to stay on their dog bed as you work.

We have a segment that teaches the dog, when asked, to “stand for an exam”. This will make vet or groomer visits less stressful. We have segments on touch pad drills, recall drills, and dog walking drills that are all reward-based skills that help our dogs stay engaged with us in the face of distractions. There are exercises to show how to call our dogs away from and past other people and their dogs.

For those that are interested, we have a chapter on “contact-heeling”. This is an advanced exercise used on walks in very distracting circumstances where we need to keep total mental and physical control of our dog. Many people with small compliant dogs may never need contact-heeling, but those who do will be glad they have trained it when they need it.


  • Chapter 1: Training the LOOK command
  • Train the LOOK
  • Impulse Control - Competing Motivators

  • Chapter 2: Advanced Luring
  • Advanced Luring - why it's important

  • Chapter 3: The Hand Touch Command
  • The Hand Touch - a great, fun exercise

  • Chapter 4: Training the Collar Grab and Why it is so Useful

  • Chapter 5: Training the Place Command

  • Chapter 6: Touch Pads
  • Training the Place Command and How We Use It

  • Chapter 7: Training the Raised Beds
  • Training the Dog Bed Command

  • Chapter 8: Training the Stand

  • Chapter 9: Public Access to Walking Drills
  • Greeting Other People and Dogs

  • Chapter 10: Contact Heeling

  • Chapter 11: Recall Drills and Exercises
  • Review Rules of the Recall
  • Competing Motivators - how we use them in recall training

  • Chapter 12: Where to go from Here
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