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1 1/4" Agitation Collar

Posted: 01-17-2019 • Length: 1 Minute, 32 Seconds
Categories: Training Equipment
I am often asked by customers if they should buy an agitation harness or a wide leather collar for bite work training. The answer to this question lies with their dog. The purpose for either one of these training aids is to insure the safety of their dog during protection training. Some dogs have so much drive that they choke themselves during bite training, even if they are worked on the "dead ring" of a normal prong collar. If this is happening to your dog, you need to make a change. For many dogs, a wider collar (1 1/4 inch) is enough. If a handler feels he needs more than this he can go to a 2" wide leather agitation collar or even a Leather Agitation Harness.

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