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The Frustrations of Negative Punishment

Posted: 05-01-2019 • Length: 3 Minutes, 20 Seconds
Categories: Leerburg Training Videos, Michael Ellis

In this video, Michael Ellis discusses the dog's frustration towards a negative punishment. It is important to keep their responses to the negative punishment in mind. There are different kinds of frustration, and we can use it to improve the behavior of the dog.

This video is taken directly out of our training DVD, Finishing Work with Michael Ellis.

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5/5 stars

YES! Love the "may need to use more positive punishment with that dog".
I have found myself at a training facility that is all about being "positive" but they use negative punishment far too often and on every dog, and I've watched many dogs get mad or confused. When you aren't following well-rounded training practices you are hurting your relationship with your dog, period.

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