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Are We Reinforcing Fear with Tyler Muto

Posted: 06-12-2019 • Length: 10 Minutes, 13 Seconds
Categories: Behavioral Problems, Leerburg Training Videos, Tyler Muto

The key is that we are relying on the socially gregarious nature of dogs. When they know that they have low stress options for ending unwanted social interactions, not only can they abandon the more high-stress (and inappropriate) behaviors, but they also tend to become more socially experimental. In due time, their threshold zones shrink, and they become more and more manageable.

This video was taken directly from our online course, Leash Reactivity.

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5/5 stars


This is such and educational video, I've watched it several times and pick up more each time. I also appreciate your intelligence in delivery and the use of the human interaction example. That really helps to shapes my mental understanding of the dogs behavior.

Thank you,
Brandon Bond
K-9 Search and Rescue Training/Handler (Max & Kylo)

PS: The T-Shirt is great!

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