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Help Us Choose Our Next Training Videos

Posted: 08-05-2019 • Length: 5 Minutes, 18 Seconds
Categories: Ed Frawley, Misc
We would like to ask you for your help in determining the next training videos we produce. In your Leerburg account there is a section called "Your Interests" that takes about one minute to fill out. Once you fill out the form you will be entered to win a FREE Streaming Video or DVD of your choice! We are giving away two free streams each week for the next four weeks.

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4/5 stars

Scent work and search and rescue :)!

5/5 stars

Update dog aggression video, and stick training heel, and the 3 sided box training!

5/5 stars

Update to tracking with drive videos!

5/5 stars

I think an updated video of working with aggression would be great. Things like resource guarding and housemates fighting would be at the top of my list. Separation anxiety would also be a great topic to cover

5/5 stars

More hunting dog videos!!

5/5 stars

I’m interested in anything protection based

5/5 stars

Done! I'm so glad I learned about this section!

5/5 stars

Done. Would love to see a series focused on personal protection dog training. Quality information is extremely scarce.

5/5 stars

We recently adopted a blind and deaf 7 month old GSD. Her ability to map out her environment using her nose is incredible. Our current dog competes in nose and trains in tracking for cadaver, gun powder, and TPPO. My husband was a police K9 handler and trainer in Washington State. But, training a blind and deaf dog is a different game. The obdenience has been going well using touch signals. We'd like to start her in tracking and nosework. We love to hear your ideas for training with a blind and deaf dog.

Michelle Sprowl

5/5 stars

Retriever field dog training

Obedience training with showing in the ring as a goal. The difference between training and showing and how to compete confidently in the ring so that there is no “My dog never does that except in the ring” type of dialogue.

5/5 stars

Thank you I found the questionnaire...

5/5 stars

Thank you for this survey! I can't wait for the next Leerburg's videos. I already filled up the survey but wanted to add two more suggestions of new DVDs: tricks and k9 freestyle (dog dancing). Thanks!