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What is Equipment Bias? - with Michael Ellis

Posted: 12-06-2019 • Length: 2 Minutes, 40 Seconds
Categories: Dog Sports, Michael Ellis, Protection Work, Training Equipment, Working/Sport Dog Training

This video was taken directly from The Foundation of Puppy Bite Work with Michael Ellis.

Assuming the puppy is in to the work, we’ll change equipment surfaces so they don’t acquire an equipment bias. Equipment bias just means the puppy or dog will only bite on a surface they like. If the puppy doesn’t want to bite a new surface, we don’t want to switch back to the one they’re used to as it reinforces that.

With puppies that’re very motivated for this work in the beginning we’ll want to work a lot on food obedience, recalls, relationship building, and engagement. Then when we come back to bite work post-teething that puppy is going to be fired up and ready to go immediately while having a better relationship between him and the handler.

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