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Leerburg's LMS Cloud Based Software

Posted: 08-14-2020 • Length: 10 minutes, 3 seconds
Categories: Misc

Leerburg has successfully streamed our online courses for 5 years. Xando LMS software (named after our dog Xando who was lost in a fire) specializes in streaming video and written content all over the world. We are making this software available to all levels of professional dog trainers to help them through the pandemic.

To view a free tutorial course click here. You can also visit our online university where we offer a free dog training course with Ed Frawley on managing our dogs in the home.

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5/5 stars

A great concept and if executed effectively will educate dog owners with knowledge that will benefit not just the dog owner, but more importantly, the dog(s) as they become an even more valued member of the companion family.