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Introducing Dogs to Cats

Posted: 01-01-2008 • Length: 4 Minutes, 14 Seconds
Categories: Management
This short video describes how we introduce a dog into a home with cats. Not every dog can learn to tolerate cats in their home, but many can if the introduction is taken slowly and closely managed. This video is part of our DVD, Your Puppy 8 Weeks to 8 Months.

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5/5 stars

Very helpful video.

5/5 stars

Just have to exclain (non training comment) that is one GORGEOUS cat; and I also love-Love-LOVE that short & sensible "working crop" on the Dobie (so much PRETTIER than the Ludicrously Long and utterly ugly "show crop" one sadly sees in today's Breed Ring)!!!

4/5 stars

Watched this with interest as I have always had cats and Dobermans and everything you said is exactly what I have always done plus adding things that smell like the other animal for them to sleep on. I agree that not every dog can live with a cat but the majority can as you put it so well if the owners will introduce them correctly.

5/5 stars

This is great! I wish you had a video on Dog to dog and Dog to puppy.