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A Tribute to Every Military Family

Posted: 12-24-2010 • Length: 1 Hour, 11 Minutes, 12 Seconds
Categories: Police and Military K9
Today is not a day to sell dog training DVDs. I chose this time to pay tribute to the families of our military. The holidays are a difficult time for families of our military who have a deployed soldier.

This is a video I produced 6 years ago (August 2004) of my son's graduation from Basic Training (my son is still in the Army). I did it for myself and our family. Today I share it as a tribute to every military family because we all had a soldier graduate from Basic Training.

The Video is long, over an hour, and most people will find it too boring to watch the entire graduation. I understand this because there is a lot of marching. But when one of these soldiers is your soldier and you have had virtually zero contact for the last 11 weeks, you are happy to sit and watch.

I chose to stream this video for those families who were not lucky enough to attend their son's, daughter's, husband's, wife's or relative's graduation. They will watch this and find a sense of pride in what their soldier has gone through.

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5/5 stars

2003 Alpha company 2/54. Best time of my life was on sand hill. Great video. Hooah!