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Ft. Bragg Army Barrack

Posted: 01-01-2008 • Length: 13 Minutes, 4 Seconds
Categories: Misc
When my son and his company of Paratroopers returned from 15 months in the mountains of Afghanistan they returned to barracks that could best be described as slums. I did this video which resulted in the Army coming up with $248 million in barracks repair for 2008.

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5/5 stars

This is horrible how they treat our soldiers. I pray to God they have corrected all of this as of this date I make this comment. Today is Veterans Day and I salute your son and all our Veterans including my Father who is no longer here. He served in the Korean War. I think the conditions of this facility is not acceptable. I got angry too watching it Ed. Thank you for your service to all Veterans.

5/5 stars

I was stationed in Korea and Ft. Drum. I never experienced living conditions like this. I served in Iraq in 2004. I was luckily at a camp that had outstanding amenities, especially compared to your son in Afghanistan. I remembered how tired and stressed I was after coming back from my tour. I don't know what I would have done if I came home to that. There are no words.

5/5 stars

When I visited Ft. Bragg in 2006 with my German comrads, there was a budget of
$ 285 million for the sole purpose of building new barraks. (They just finished building a simulator for convoy driving).
So, where did all the money go, when in 2008 the barraks were in the condition shown??
I am concerned about the not closed drainage system. It is not all about the smell of sewergas, it is a high explosive gas and it is not code conform.
Is there no building inspector?