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Puppy Bite Work 8 Weeks To Adulthood

Posted: 05-12-2011 • Length: 9 Minutes, 59 Seconds
Categories: Basic Obedience, Protection Work, Puppies, Working/Sport Dog Training
While I was sitting here editing the new DVD I am producing with Michael Ellis on puppy bite work, I thought it would be a neat idea to show training sessions with one dog (and I chose Cindy's dog Rush) from the time it was a 10 week old, to when it was an adolescent, to a young adult and then as an adult.

This will give people the sense of what can be accomplished when the genetics are correct, when the dog is raised correctly, and when the dog is trained in Michael Ellis' training system.

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5/5 stars

What is the noise maker/stick being used?

5/5 stars

This was a superior of growth, learning and the dogs development in skills and obedience.
Incredible training technique by Mike Ellis.

5/5 stars

more of a comment: Beautiful! Thanks for making this quick overview of a competitive dog's development.