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Leerburg's Video on Demand Tutorial

Posted: 10-04-2011 • Length: 6 Minutes, 0 Seconds
Categories: Misc
A tutorial on how to use Leerburg's Video on Demand program.

Leerburg On Demand offers hundreds of free and pay per view videos for you to watch directly on your computer, iPad, iPhone, and other mobile devices. Streaming videos are not physical DVDs; they are online videos that you can begin viewing immediately -- no waiting or downloading is required. To watch these videos, you must be connected to the internet with a connection speed of at least 3.0 mbps or greater.

Our streaming video player requires Adobe Flash to run, so if you are using a PC or Mac, make sure you have the latest version of Flash here. If you are using an apple device that doesn't support Flash, such as an iPad or iPhone, our system will automatically redirect you to an alternate streaming video player.

To learn more or to find the answers to common questions or problems you may have, check out our streaming video FAQ page or our Video On Demand Q&A Section.

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5/5 stars | 14 ratings

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5/5 stars

I left a previously snotty review because the streaming was not working. The DVDs arrived on time. Customer services answered all my emails. The information is clear, well explained and really useful. Great DVD

5/5 stars

Wonderful Videos and great Service!!! Love all of this!! Will start now really putting this on practice!!

5/5 stars

Clear, concise and informative. Love it.

5/5 stars

Well worth watching, easy to understand - excellent video - I have learned how to navigate my way around the site - very useful.

5/5 stars

Having been a regular subscriber to Leerburg for many years, and purchased many of the training videos and dvds, I am very impressed with the content and continual changes that are taking place. Making life so much easier to access and understand where Ed and his team are coming from.

The introduction and explanation for accessing and using the streaming videos is comprehensive and easy to understand, moving with the times is a good thing, in both training methodologies and technology, well done to all the Team at Leerburg

5/5 stars

Good, very good, with a good voice as well. Nice website too. You folks look like your business is run as a yoga done by yogins. Thanks so much. So very, very much.

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