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Posted: 01-01-2008 • Length: 2 Minutes, 29 Seconds
Categories: Toys
The Chewber's patented reinforced designs were created with dogs in mind. They are tougher, safer and easier to pick up than other frisbee-type toys.

Both the Mini-Chewb and the Tug'n Toss are great for teeth and gums. Dogs love its springy consistency. If you flip either Chewber over, it is an instant, on-the-spot water dish!

If your dog loves to play with you, the Chewber toys are perfect! Many of today's top trainers use toys to motivate and reward dogs as an alternative to food rewards. Try either of these flying disks for a reward in training.

Durability Guaranteed!

Easy to throw! The Mini-Chewb is great for puppies and small dogs. The Tug'n Toss is super for bigger dogs with maximum grip and reinforced rubber!

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