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Posted: 11-23-2011 • Length: 1 Minute, 48 Seconds
Categories: Toys
Check out Safestix HERE!

Say NO to sticks and YES to Safestix! The bendy, twisty, fun to throw and fetch stick that will not hurt your dog like sharp, splintery wood sticks will.

The folks who make Safestix love dogs; it was Razzle, one of their Jack Russell Terriers who inspired the creation of this product. They used to enjoy playing fetch with Razzle until a stick punctured his mouth. After this happened they made it their mission to create a safe alternative to sticks.

Working with leading vets who have seen countless similar injuries from sticks during their careers to create Safestix. You can throw them further, they float in water and they're nice and soft on dogs' mouths. So the next time you go to the park, don't grab a dirty, splintery, sharp old stick -- grab a Safestix instead.

SafeStix are a totally unique type of product, there's nothing like them on sale anywhere else. A huge amount of time and effort (over a year of research) has gone into getting them just right, that's why they are becoming so popular with dog owners everywhere. We hope your dog enjoys them as much as ours do.

Small 12" long
Medium 20" long
Large 27" long

Colors may vary. Imported.

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