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How to Break up a Dog Fight

Posted: 06-11-2012 • Length: 7 Minutes, 17 Seconds
Categories: Aggression, Behavioral Problems

This video explains how we approach a dog fight. The most important part of this video is to remember how physical fights can be and if you are not physically strong enough to do what Ed talks about - DON'T TRY, because you will get hurt. When dogs initially fight, they are usually tangled into a big loud violent ball or pile.

The first thing owners need to do (if screaming has not worked) is take a big breath and get control of your own nerves. Think about what you have to do; think about where you are and if you have anyone who can help. Then once that is done, make the decision to step in and try what we show you or make the decision to let them fight until you can get help.

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4/5 stars

Ive worked in dog daycare for years. Never seen a dog fight broke up like this. Mostly we just beat them off.

4/5 stars

I have experienced dog fights in a county park 3 times when a dog running loose came right up to my male dog. Leashed dogs are the law in most places for a reason. In Virginia, the law allows you to protect yourself and property by whatever means needed. I carry bear spray foam and keep my dog leashed and on an e-collar. And be prepared to file a police complaint and civil suit toward the other dog owner. One dislocated finger joint backwards was enough to really awaken me to the speed and force of 2 dogs fighting. Be prepared.

5/5 stars

This is useful information. But what if the dog starting the attack isn't mine? And could easily turn on me. My next door neighbor is the owner of two pit bulls, while I own a one year old 90+ pound GSD. Those two canines have already come into my yard and attacked my dog twice. Both of which my dog was able to fight them off. While he has come out unharmed. I want to know what is the correct way of dealing with this situation. Can anyone please help me? I would appreciate it greatly.

5/5 stars

The rear legs grab I did the other day, but the aggressing dog would not break her bite, so I was essentially swinging two connected dogs. Ultimately had to choke her out to release. This I believe saved my other dog from much more serious wounds although I hated to do it. I do like the belly slip leash method and will keep that in my "tool chest" to try. Hopefully,working with the baseline behaviors, I won't need to try these other methods, but they're good to know. Thank you.

5/5 stars

Great info! I also like to use water if I have access to a water source and if I know the dogs aren't fond of water being squirted in their faces. A water hose or dumping a bucket of water into their faces has been very effective for me in those cases. It startles them, and they tend to "snap out of it," which gives me enough time to regain control. That being said, I'm also an experienced handler and trainer. If you don't feel confident with that method, don't try it!

5/5 stars

Great video. But, what if I have 4 dogs? Two fights within 2 days. I brought in a new male, neutered dog yesterday. I had 1 male (neutered) and 2 females (not neutered) prior. Help!!!!!

5/5 stars

Excellent video, thanks for sharing your experience with us

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