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How do I get a faster down from my dog?

Posted: 09-04-2012 • Length: 5 Minutes, 9 Seconds
Categories: Basic Obedience
Ed Frawley answers a question from Kate, a Leerburg customer, on how to improve the speed of her obedience. Ed explains how to use motivation and the necessity of knowing your dog and their genetic abilities.

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5/5 stars

So basic, oh so true. It's easy to forget, motivation and enthusiasm is the basis of the style and speed of any obedience behavior, period. The dog can't "fake it"! Great clip.

5/5 stars

What I really appreciate is that Ed is pointing out what everyone always forgets: there are no absolutes in training any animal; they all have their strengths and weaknesses. If you ultimately don't succeed in honing one particular area, move on. The dog IS responding after all to the command.
PS Wish we could watch these vids on iphones!

5/5 stars

Excellent advise. Sometimes during training we forget to make it fun. Thanks for the advise and the suggestions for further DVDs!

5/5 stars

Ed, That was an excellent answer! And the timing could not be more appropriate for me! I've been trying to get a faster down for awhile now (I have a 19 month old showline GSD, with medium drive), and have been very frustrated with not making the progress I thought should have been made by now. I was even considering an ecollar to "make" him down faster... now I see, this is the best I'm going to get from him & need to accept it. Thanks again. Rayetta

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