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Cindy, Rush and the Little Woods

Posted: 09-24-2012 • Length: 3 Minutes, 11 Seconds
Categories: Cindy Rhodes, Dog Sports, Working/Sport Dog Training
Rush has been out of training for over a year now. He and Cindy have focused their energy on rehabilitation from a leg injury. Now that his leg has healed, they are back at it. In this video you will see the 3rd time Rush has done the little woods exercise in over a year.

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5/5 stars

Welcome back Rush. Good to see you again. All the best to you and Cindy in the coming year.

5/5 stars

Watching Rush was a "rush" knowing from experience all the work it takes to come back after that injury with one of my own dogs. Good Luck with the return to competition ... Be the ultimate inspiration and WIN!

5/5 stars

Very nice and quite similar to the AKC UD scent discrimination exercise only the judge will scent 5 similar articles. He then takes your article (on a clip board) and places it in the group with both you and your dog's back to the articles.

Amazing how little a good dog with good training will lose when it's away from training for a while!

5/5 stars

Very well done Rush! I'm so glad you and Cindy are back in training and looking forward to seeing more of your videos. Cindy, I have watched many of your training sessions with Rush since he was a small puppy and I have learned so much. I am now using the techniques I have learned with my own GSD puppy.

Thank you Cindy, Ed, Michael, Rush and all of your staff for all you do.

Tom Bryan

5/5 stars

Great Rush!!! Congratulations to both Cindy for the great training a year ago and for the memory Rush has to now!!! Keep up the good work.

Joe Brausch