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Dr. Seuss Mondioring 1

Posted: 10-25-2012 • Length: 9 Minutes, 17 Seconds
Categories: Dog Sports
For those of you have not had the opportunity to see a Mondio trial, we thought you would enjoy seeing Forrest Micke and his dog, Elzer, securing the first leg of their Mondioring 1 title. There are 200 points possible and each dog handler team must earn at least 160 points at two different trials to receive the title and move on to Level 2.

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5/5 stars

What a great video. I am new to Leerburg. I have been training for about 10 yrs using the old style. I have a Boxer that after getting his CGC, RA & CD has decided to stop working & am going to go back & retrain in the Marker training to see if I can't finish him. Thanking you in advance for your Website & Videos.

5/5 stars

Awesome video. I am new to the Leerburg family, and learning so much about dog training. Thank you Ed for posting this video. Just purchased the puppy training vid for my 6 mo old GSD. All the information on your website has been invaluable. My pup is now sitting in his ex-pen as I watch the videos, happy to be out of of his kennel. <3

5/5 stars

I always love watching Forrest and Elzer, well done and thank you for posting this. One thing that was very beneficial for me is to see them perform and see how distracted Elzer was. I'm not being critical here. There was plenty to be distracted about but it's good to see a team as well trained as they are still have issues in a new situation. It reminds me that when working with my dog I should not be to hard on myself when we are less than perfect. Competition takes time, experience, repetition and work work work. Good job. I hope we get to see leg 2. You guys rock!

5/5 stars

This was truly remarkable and seemed to be something more people would be interested in doing with their dogs! It was never boring or dull. I loved the video!

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