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Michael Ellis Working with Havok

Posted: 12-10-2012 • Length: 4 Minutes, 17 Seconds
Categories: Michael Ellis
Scott Kapphahn is a good friend of ours and his dog Havok is a Loups De Soliel dog from the H litter. Havok is a litter mate to Hudson, the dock diving dog sponsored by Leerburg. This last weekend after the Michael Ellis e-collar seminar that was held here at Leerburg, Michael was able to do some bite work and see how his progeny was progressing. Scott also lives in the back woods of northern MN and his wife has never been able to make it to any seminar or training to see Havok do bite work. We filmed this footage for Anny, Scott's wife, to see what their friendly house dog was capable of.

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5/5 stars

Loved the video! Havok loves the knees doesn't he? Great dog! Love watching dogs work! Sharon

5/5 stars

Unbelievable footage, Michael and the handler are so precise and calm in what they do, and the dog is so well trained. I haven't had any experience in this type of work, but have recently bought DVDs so that I can train my 8 month old doberman in the foundation work of positive training. I am so impressed by the videos and Michael and Ed's knowledge that they are willing to impart to people such as myself, I hope one day to travel from Australia and attend one of Michael's courses.

5/5 stars

Fabulous ... love it! Michael Ellis is inspiring! I don't know why Michael was holding a "stick" of sorts and banging his leg. Leerburg offers the best out there!

5/5 stars

I always enjoy your videos but am confused with this one. This dog would not be a deterrent to any bad guy who would be carrying a club or equivalent. Just biting on the leg leaves the dog's back open to a strong blow that could cripple him. I like the Schutzhund trained dogs who bite the arm and get in the bad guy's face for no nonsense. Am I missing something?

5/5 stars

I want a training room like this!..... Hope to be at a seminar February 2014!