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Michael Ellis Plays Tug

Posted: 01-17-2013 • Length: 3 Minutes, 44 Seconds
Categories: Advanced Obedience, Michael Ellis
Michael Ellis demonstrates proper technique for playing tug with Lisa's dog, Ize. This video footage was filmed in December 2012 at the end of Michael Ellis's e-collar class that was hosted at Leerburg. These skills are taught in the the video The Power of Playing Tug.

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5/5 stars

need to get that DVD this is amasing

5/5 stars

Excellent video, I am having trouble with my 10 month old female doberman tugging as she is possessive but am slowly making progress with her. I have been using Michael's suggestions for possessive dogs working them on a circle with a helper and have them coming toward you. This short video is very helpful in reinforcing the work I am doing with her. Thank you.

5/5 stars

I purchased the Power of Playing Tug video, and even though I am very new to training dogs, I can basically do what Michael is doing in this clip with my 6-month old malinois. I learned all of it by watching his video. My dog is a natural herder and used to hate to retrieve, but through playing tug, I've been able to get him excited about bringing things back to me in order to continue playing. And on a side note, my malinois looks so identical to the dog in this clip that it's freaky!

Also, I use tugs as a training reward rather than food now (I used food all the way to 6 months with him). If you are thinking of doing this with your dog, this is a one stop shop: get the video, get two or three tugs, and a long line and you are good to go.

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