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Bernese Mountain Dog Pups Playing

Posted: 02-18-2013 • Length: 4 Minutes, 14 Seconds
Categories: Puppies
Our good friend, Sarah Tennessen, breeds Bernese Mountain Dogs and last week we had the opportunity to go film her newest litter of puppies. These puppies are so cute we felt that we should share some of the footage.

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5/5 stars

Thanks for the show. :)
What a treat!
Love it! How could I not.

We live with 3 Berners and 3 cats.

Our newest Berner addtion is 14 weeks of age, and we just figured out, a couple of days ago, that he (Max) has pano.

Thanks for the information on your website. We took your advice and he is feeling so much better today.

Thank you so much.

We are enjoying Berners since 1995 and have never had this issue. We thought at first that he may have an allergic reaction to the vaccine, as he had just received his 2nd set of shots about a weeke ago.

I am so greatful I found your website with the information I needed.

Again, thank you.

5/5 stars

This made a wonderful morning. These must be the pups they model stuffed animals after!!!


5/5 stars

They're Soooo Precious!!! Thanks for sharing

5/5 stars

You made my afternoon seeing these pups!!! I love and remember those puppy days so well, but, oh boy, I don't miss all that puppy mischief.... ;-))

5/5 stars

Brightened my afternoon! My Malamute Samson tore open an incision that was supposed to have been healed. It's a long story, but my vet and I think he's on the mend. Lot's of work taking care of a dog with an open wound who doesn't want to be restitched. This really did brighten my afternoon. Thanks.