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Degrees of Aversives

Posted: 02-25-2013 • Length: 2 Minutes, 26 Seconds
Categories: Corrections
Michael Ellis discusses the complexity of different degrees of aversives and their effects on behavior. He also discusses how training has progressed from pure escape and avoidance to purely reward based, and now finally understanding how the two styles of training can be used to effectively train your dog.

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5/5 stars

Micheal Ellis is wonderful, watch a lot of his videos, and use his methods in my training, great informations.....thanks

5/5 stars

I'll echo the first review on this. Very good, very reasonable, very ethical. Is there a full video on this topic?
Thanks for this tidbit.

5/5 stars

Thank you for this brief webinar. How can I see the whole video on this subject? I use both methods of training, but lean to reward baste methods. Thank you in advance.

If I win the lotto, I'm coming to Cal to one of Michael's classes.