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Slow Motion Jumps

Posted: 03-13-2013 • Length: 1 Minute, 46 Seconds
Categories: Working/Sport Dog Training
Lindsey Sommer, an instructor at the Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers, demonstrates a few jumps in slow motion with her Malinois, Enzo and Enzo's little sister, Haly. Lindsey has been training Haly for her owner, Al.

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4/5 stars

I enjoyed watching this slo-mo video, and especially liked the little "surprise" in the middle!!! The music really works with the visuals! My own Malinois' sire and dam can both scale 9 foot high palisades (no ramps on either side) and so I decided that her AKA Registered name should be "Quantum Leap du Dantero". I really look forward to more of the (especially Maligator) vids from Leerburg!

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