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Ball Tree

Posted: 04-10-2013 • Length: 2 Minutes, 58 Seconds
Categories: Toys, Training Equipment
The Ball Tree has been designed to include some great features. The construction is a quality welded, all aluminum frame. Aluminum is non-rusting and light weight. It is tall and free standing so you can use it for training your dog indoors during cold weather. There is the option of staking down the ball tree when working outdoors. The stakes are included with the ball tree.

The top bar has a riveted, spring loaded clip from which you can hang the training reward. The height of the bar can be adjusted up and down. Now, taller or shorter dogs can use the ball tree and have it set for their working height.

In Schutzhund, when training for the "send out," this is a perfect tool because the dog is not searching around on the ground. When you place the object on the ground, the dog tends to slow down while looking for the object. By using the ball tree, he/she knows the reward is in sight. The ball clips on the tree, and the dog can easily grab it. This makes for a quick send out. With the reward ball, the dog is motivated by its prey drive.

The ball tree also works great if you need to get your dog close to the blind while doing a blind search. You place the ball tree behind the blind, and the dog will corner the blind faster knowing that the ball reward is there.

Perfect for the Send Out

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